Who We Are

AYEVA making merching simplified

What is Ayeva?

Ayeva is a global, e-commerce company that allows people to create and sell custom Merchandise. Products are printed and manufactured by using Quality facilities in INDIA. Ayeva handles everything from distribution of the products to customer service. We offer various merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, Mugs, caps. Our Aim is to make merchandise simplified and make anyone to turn their ideas into brands, and successful businesses.


How does Ayeva work?

Ayeva allows you to present your work to your fans and customers at almost no cost.
Yes, that is right, you do not need to buy a URL or design a website, or pay inventory and/ or production costs. Ayeva makes it completely free and easy for you to put your creative work out in the market our team handles everything, from printing, Manufacturing to shipping to customer service. Ayeva is for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own online business or for creators wanting to offer awesome merch to their fans. we even help various charities looking for a hassle-free way to raise funds, and everyone else looking for passive income.

Why choose Ayeva?

At aveya, our mission is to help everyone turn their ideas into real products without worrying about their cost, risks involved or any extra hassle. Our sole motto is to give our users the chance to sell their products to raise funds for special causes, achieve financial stability by creating new income streams, connect with fans and audiences through custom merchandise, and so much more.

All of this can be achieved in just 3 steps:
1. Register and Create designs. 
2. Build a Free store.
3. Promote and Earn money
Yes, it is that easy!

Start Your Free merch store

3 steps and you are ready to launch your quality Merch store remotely.